Henry Lenny Design Studio is a forward thinking firm with a longstanding history of classical yet innovative design.With over 23 years of design experience ranging from custom residential to hospitality, commercial to municipal projects, our diverse portfolio and client list enable us to continue advancing our design solutions.

We appreciate each of our clients, and the opportunity to work with them to create projects that both, successfully meets the clients needs and expectations. We take on each project with the excitement of developing new relationships and new designs that complete each clients vision.

Our architectural design is rooted in the traditional styles, ranging from Spanish-Colonial Revival to Italian to Moorish, although we believe that in design, a combination of styles can be used to create new aesthetics in architecture. We also jump at the challenge and opportunity to work on modern structures that take advantage of the latest materials and technologies, while maintaining a timeless appearance.

Materials and architectural details are essential components in successful design implementation. Traditional architectural design, begs to be detailed using traditional materials and ornamentation created in a traditional fashion. We have formed unique relationships with craftsman and
fabricators of traditional architectural details, such as hand-carved stone columns and fireplaces, hand-forged wrought iron light fixtures, gates and railings, and hand-carved wood cabinetry, flooring and ceilings.

Project entitlements and approvals can prove to be the most challenging part of a projects expedition. We have formed valuable relationships with governing agencies on the West coast, including Santa Barbara County, San Clemente, Irvine and Beverly Hills. This ensures a smooth transition between project phases and approvals.

We will continue to adapt to the world around us, while continuing to do our best to lead as designers.

Henry Lenny

Jason Stovall

Renee Nichols

Principal Architect & Designer

Managing Director, Assistant Designer & Graphics NEW SITE: www.viewpointvisual.com

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